CI/CD In Google Cloud

Google’s cloud platform is one of the most widely adopted public clouds, offering a wide range of Google cloud services. Google cloud facilitates the management of data by implementing CI/CD methodologies that ensure high quality, maintainability, and more flexible data processes and workflow.

DevOps Toolchain

DevOps methodology focuses on continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, and collaboration. However, it is more than just practice and technology, as the overall success of the implementation of DevOps is not restricted only to the use of one or two tools. In fact, to implement a well-planned DevOps strategy, you need a range of tools.

Devops CompleteGuide

Patrick Debois first coined the term DevOps in 2009 in the first conference named DevOpsdays, held in Ghent, Belgium. The idea was developed to keep up with the need for increased software velocity and achieve a holistic approach to the end-to-end software delivery lifecycle.


An alternative or companion to virtualization, Containerization is a form of operating system virtualization used to run applications in an isolated user-space called containers, using the same shared operating system (OS).

Infrastructure as code

‘Infrastructure as Code’ refers to automating the process of managing IT infrastructure through an automation mechanism. The principle of infrastructure as a code revolves around the fact that the stakeholders involved in the software development process can deliver the objectives within SLA.

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DevOps History:

DevOps, as we know it, came into being in 2009.

However, the idea of the basic concept of DevOps was first thought of in 2007, after a series of issues were encountered by Patrick Debois while he worked on a large data center migration for the Belgium government, where he was responsible for testing. Patrick was extremely frustrated by the conflicts between developers and system administrators and was pondering a solution to overcome this issue.

In 2008, the concept further found momentum and first emerged out of a discussion between Andrew Shafer and Patrick Debois, who were both concerned about the drawbacks of Agile and wanted to create something better. This discussion led to the formation of the Agile Systems Administration Group, which acted as the platform for solving this division between development and operations.

This realization led to him organizing his first conference in 2009, named DevOpsDay, held in Ghent, Belgium. To promote this conference and create a memorable hashtag, Debois shortened the conference name to #DevOps. This conference initiated the spread of DevOps, which soon became a buzzword across the industry.

However, it wasn’t until Debois missed and remotely saw the O’Reilly Velocity conference in 2009, where John Allspaw and Paul Hammond gave a talk entitled “10+ Deploys a Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr,” that he finally realized his solution to bridge the gap between the two disparate fields.

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